Directors, committee members and others charged with governance have a statutory obligation to question management and hold them accountable for business performance.

Directors can ultimately be personally liable for management decisions, so it is imperative to ensure any decisions are made with appropriate levels of due diligence and oversight, while still taking an element of calculated risk. After all, noses in fingers out.

Parki provides near real time information in pre-configured dashboards for directors, owners and members of committees of management to be able to question management assumptions and measure performance against set criteria.

The dashboards are highly customisable and can be tailored to suit your needs, or you can simply adopt the existing templates. You can also receive automatic email updates on KPIs or do your own analysis - make it work for you, your way.

In undertaking due diligence or exercising your obligation to question assumptions - Parki offers unrivalled industry benchmarking on the performance measures that matter most.