Industry Heartbeat – December 2020 Qtr

Across all three tourist accommodation categories of Cabins, Powered and Unpowered Sites, the Dec-20 quarter showed strong results nationally.

While there was not much to celebrate across the tourism industry in 2020 more broadly, and particularly during the June quarter, the start of summer is showing noticeable signs of improved performance for the first time this year.

Notwithstanding this mostly positive news, COVID-19 related travel restrictions continued into the Dec-20 quarter with shut- downs in South Australia during November, parts of New South Wales (Sydney’s northern beaches) and Queensland at the time of Christmas / New Year continuing to cloud domestic tourism travel.

Once again, the resilience of the caravan industry was revealed across this Christmas / New Year uncertainty with both NSW and QLD recording increases in RevPAR across all tourist accommodation categories during the Dec-20 quarter.

Tasmania (and to a lesser extent, Victoria) were the two jurisdictions that recorded weaker RevPAR performance during the Dec-20 quarter compared with last year, mostly driven by occupancy. In the case of Victoria, Powered and Unpowered sites achieved comparable RevPAR to last year while Victoria’s Cabin market could not quite recover occupancy to a comparable level with last year.

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