Industry Heartbeat – September 2020 Qtr

COVID-19 related trading and travel restrictions continued to have a major impact on tourism across Australia generally during the Sept-20 quarter.

In states where travel was restricted, there was expectedly a decline in occupancy which has had a direct impact on RevPAR. In jurisdictions where travel within the State was less restricted, such as South Australia and Western Australia, due to an absence of COVID-19 community transmission, there has been a surge in regional travel as people that have not been able to spend the Australian winter overseas have travelled more widely intrastate.

State border closures have continued to have a noticeable impact on Powered Sites in jurisdictions with strict border arrangements such as WA and QLD in particular.

When travellers are able to get away they tend to stay for longer which has resulted in a higher average booking spend compared with the same time last year.

While these COVID-19 related factors are still evident in each jurisdiction, and particularly in Victoria, we started to see stability return to national occupancy, ADR and RevPAR measures as identified in the table below.

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